Student Equity and Achievement Plan

Strategic Plan

2017-19 Integrated Plan: Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity, and Student Success and Support Program
Program Integration

The integrated SSSP/Student Equity/BSl program model promotes integrated planning and program coordination at the district and college levels. The three programs retain separate requirements as specified in Education Code and title 5 regulations; these requirements are built into the Integrated Plan to ensure compliance with applicable law and regulations. In coming years, the Chancellor's Office intends to pursue changes in Education Code and title 5 regulations to achieve even greater integration and alignment of the three programs in subsequent planning cycles.


Plans are to be developed in consultation with students, staff, Instructional and Student Services administrators, faculty, Academic Senate, and members of the community as appropriate. Your plan must be adopted by the governing board of the community college district and submitted to the Chancellor's Office by December 1, 2017. A separate plan must be submitted for each college in the district.


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Student Equity and Achievement Plan