Returning Student Enrollment Process

Returning Students are those students who last attended a class at West Hills College Coalinga or West Hills College Lemoore within the past 2 primary terms (Fall/Spring). If it has been more than 2 terms please visit our Admissions Site to re-apply.

Continuing your educational journey at West Hills College Coalinga is easy! Simply follow the steps below to continue your journey!

Apply for Financial Aid
Let us help you find the right financial aid so you can continue your college journey!

From grants and scholarships to loans, financial aid comes in a number of different forms from both private and government sources. Apply today to see if you qualify.

Meet With Counselor
Lets review your educational plan progress so you can stay on track

Stay on track by scheduling an appointment with a Counselor to review and revise your educational plan if necessary.

Register for Classes
Lets put your Ed Plan to use and enroll in the classes you need for the coming year.

Remember at West Hills College Coalinga, you can register for your classes up to a full year in advance.

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