Governance Planning

West Hills College Coalinga's Participatory Governance and Integrated Planning Manual documents the college's decision-making processes and governance structure which emphasizes the contributions students, faculty, staff, and administrators make towards the institution's fulfillment of its mission, vision, and goals. West Hills College Coalinga supports the philosophy that the inclusion of differing perspectives in decision-making and leadership are essential for effective institutional planning and continuous quality improvement.


Academic Senate

Represents the body of West Hills Community College District and ensures faculty have the primary responsibility over academic and professional matters.
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Jeff Wanderer
Biology Instructor 
(559) 934-2606

Budget Resource Committee

The Budget Resources Committee will develop a list of budget priorities from the Program Review schedule and make recommendations to the College Planning Council for their approval.
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Bethany Matos
Dean, North District Center
(559) 934-2217

Rebecca Farley
Director of Special Grants
(559) 934-2913

College Council

The College Council will engage in thoughtful and equitable decision-making for the appropriate use of its resources and planning efforts as they relate to support our diverse student, college and community population.
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Brenda Thames

Infrastructure and Safety Committee

The Infrastructure Committee supports the college mission by providing and maintaining the appearance, accessibility, safety, technology, and cleanliness of current and future facilities which contributes to an inviting, engaging, and competitive educational environment.
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Shaun Bailey
Director of Maintenance & Operations and Auxiliary Services

Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Council

This council supports the college mission by creating a college-wide environment that promotes continual quality improvement, student access and success. The council develops, monitors, reviews, evaluates, and revises college accreditation activities in accordance with the college’s mission, vision, and goals.
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Sam Aunai
Vice President of Educational Services
(559) 934-2222

Outcomes Committee

Ensures outcome statements align with the college mission priorities in satisfying the diverse educational needs of students in transfer, career/technical, and basic skills programs and courses, as well as support services, provide instruction and services under an assessment framework that leads to student success.
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Javier Cazares
Dean of Student Services
(559) 934-2176

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for the continuum of strategic professional development opportunities for all faculty, staff and administrators to become better prepared to respond to evolving student needs and measures of student success.
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Justin Garcia
Dean, Educational Services 
(559) 934-2172

Program Review Committee

Reviews all instructional and non-instructional program reviews in order to support a college-wide engagement in thoughtful and equitable decision-making for the appropriate use of its resources as it relates to our diverse student, college and community population.
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Sam Aunai
Vice President of Educational Services
(559) 934-2222

Student Success Committee

The Student Success Committee provides support,  recommendations, and coordination of integrated efforts to increase  student  success  and  access  by  strengthening  and  improving  the  delivery of instruction and services for students.  The Student Success  Committee  is  also  responsible  for  designing,  implementing  and  monitoring student success initiatives and activities with an emphasis  on our disproportionately impacted and basic skills populations.
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Angela Tos
Vice President of Student Services
(559) 934-2334

Sam Aunai
Vice President of Educational Services
(559) 934-2222